Installing grapevine lighting on my Halloween pirate lookout tower

I added lights to my Halloween pirate lookout tower. I want to ensure the charactor in the tower is noticed by the trick-or-treaters. I have some Christmas lights with round grapevine balls covering the bulbs. I think these will look nice as they obscure the raw light bulbs a bit. Using zip ties, I carefully […]

Welding leg supports for my Halloween pirate lookout tower

I need a way to attach legs to the housing of my Halloween pirate lookout tower. Since I have a triangle shaped tower, I figure three legs would be appropriate. This also reinforces the image of the triangle shape. Three legs also solves the leveling problem when setting it up. All three legs will always rest […]

Adding a roof to my Halloween pirate lookout tower

Adding the roof to my Halloween pirate lookout tower is one of the more creative steps in creating this outdoor prop. I want the roof to look somewhat ragged and unkept. This roof has two layers. On top is matchstick bamboo and underneath is burlap. The bamboo is visible when first viewing the tower from the […]

Halloween Pirate lookout tower

In creating our Pirate’s Cove Halloween theme, we realized pirates need to lookout for other theiving pirates. Or even worse… the British fleet. The lookout tower will greet trick-or-treaters at the top of our driveway. Sitting on top of this tower, a pirate with a looking glass telescope will keep watch. I wanted a bamboo type structure […]

Adding wheels to my welding table

My welding table needed a set of wheels so I could move it around.

Making a Welding Table

This welding table has a 3’x4′ top. The frame is made of 2″ angle and has a bottom frame around the legs.