Our farm veggie subscription experiment (aka CSA)

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is basically a subscription to farm production. You get a bag of fresh farm groceries that is crazy super fresh. We tried a subscription with Greenbrier Farms in Pickens SC. There is a bit of novelty with veggies directly from a farm. Food directly from a farm is a nice throwback to […]

Fixing a hole in my driveway with Sakrete blacktop patch

My asphalt driveway shows its age. It probably just needs to be completely resurfaced but that is an expense for another time. In the meantime I make occasional patch repairs. I had this one hole get so large I considered just turning it into a space to plant flowers. I could not ignore it anymore. I bought some […]

Door and Window Trim Refinishing

My brother-in-law is working on an old house. A step in the remodeling process is the removal of wood trim around the doors and windows so the walls can be prepped and painted. One problem is the trim was not marked as to what goes back where. So this pile of wood trim is more like […]

Extending a ladder standoff attachment

I have a stand-off attachment for the ladder but it did not hold the ladder out far enough to install some metal trim on my home workshop. I had to modify the stand-off to increase the distance it held the ladder from the wall to install building trim on an eave with a two-foot overhang. […]

Prevent a couch from sliding around on a slippery laminate floor

I have a two-piece couch that slides around on our fairly slippery laminate floor. The couch moves around quite easily. The couch even moves when our 70 lb German shepherd lies down and leans up against it. It would be nice if the couch just stayed put. The feet of the couch have a plastic […]

Bird Feeder Taste Test – Sunflower seeds vs Rooster feed

Which type of food do birds and squirrels prefer more?

Tea Time with Mother Nature

Two chairs repurposed along with an existing bird bath create a garden spot for Mother Nature to rest.