Birdfeeder Taste Test II – Sunflower seeds vs Cracked corn

I decided to try a second bird feeder taste test — just because its so exciting. For this taste test I put the winner from my first bird feeder taste test up against cracked corn. Which one will my backyard wildlife prefer? I filled the feeder using my plastic divider. This ensured the two food choices were in equal amounts. By observing […]

Setting up my Mega Catch Mosquito Trap

After doing the annual cleaning on my Mega Catch Premier (MCP-800) trap I was ready to set it back up for another season of killing. The trap sits in the center of our yard under two large oak trees. The mosquitos seem to like this large shady area. I have experimented with placing it in different locations […]

Mega Catch Mosquito Trap Annual Cleaning

OK, I know the title says ‘annual cleaning’ but this is more of a first time in two’ish years cleaning. The maintenance guide says it should be cleaned every year. I’ve used this trap for about two seasons now. Its gotten terrific results. Results = lots of dead mosquitoes. There is some tweaking to maximizing the […]

Resident Bird Rescue

While in my workshop recently I noticed an adult bird flying around. It went back and forth across the workshop and in and out the side door. I’ve had birds get in the workshop before so I didn’t think too much about it, except this bird was acting erratically. I later heard something scurrying around […]

Shepherd vs Roll-up door

My German Shepherd damages up my workshop’s roll-up door during an involuntary overnight stay.

Bird Feeder Taste Test – Sunflower seeds vs Rooster feed

Which type of food do birds and squirrels prefer more?