Circulating heat from a wood burning stove

My 1200 square foot workshop is heated with a wood burning stove. Getting the heat from this stove circulated throughout the workshop is a bit of a challenge. The stove is located in the back corner of the workshop. I placed it a bit out of the way so I could maintain a more open […]

Building a homemade outdoor firewood storage rack

My workshop is heated with a wood burning stove. Last year was my first year using wood instead of my forced-air propane heater. Buying cured (dried out) firewood in the fall/winter is somewhat expensive. I can save considerably if I buy freshly cut (green) wood in the summer. So the plan is to build a large enough rack […]

Casters added to a workshop pedestal fan

I purchased a large pedestal stand fan for my workshop from Its a FlowPro 30″ Industrial Pedestal fan (#10301) and puts out 8,000 cubic feet of air per minute at top speed. The fan works great but is somewhat difficult to move around my workshop. The fan weighs 67 pounds. My idea is to […]