Halloween reminders for next year

Every Halloween there are things to remember for next year. Although this list is specific to my setup perhaps some of it will aid with your haunts.   When using zip-ties leave a loop so they can be cut off easily. Leave enough room to get cutters inside of loop. When attaching light strings, do […]

Halloween 2011 was a delightful success

We had over 200 trick-or-treaters Monday night; best guess is 220. We gave out all the big candy bars and had to go into the “reserve” stash of fun size bars! Just a small portion of a ‘backup’ bag of smaller candy was left. One little trick-or-treater, dressed as a pirate, pulled her sword and […]

Halloween News Media Interview Tips

So you have your Halloween decor all setup and then the local news media shows up.  They want to interview you.  Yikes! No worries.  They just want to do a quick story on your wonderful Halloween display. Here are some tips.   What to expect Homeowner field interviews normally take about 10 minutes. They will […]

Pirates Cove entrance sign sets the tone

Our Halloween setup is called Pirates Cove.  We try to make this an environment everyone gets to walk into and be a part of. Setting the tone or mood is important to sell the atmosphere. We start with a good entrance sign. Of course some trick-or-treaters will not see the sign or are too young […]

Lighting up me illuminated pirate treasure chest

The illuminated pirate treasure chest now has 60 colored and 75 white LED lights. Time to add the treasure and light it up. I knew some of the treasure would cover some of the lights. This is OK as a coin would then have light peek out just from the edge. I did some lighting tests […]

Adding more lights to me pirate chest

After adding 60 colored LED jewel lights to our pirate chest, it was time for what else… more lights! We added a strand of 75 white LED lights. These lights were both easier and harder to install. The light bulb fit though the existing pegboard holes but only the light itself not the base. The […]

Adding brilliant jewel lights to me pirate chest

Our Pirate themed Halloween setup includes a pirate chest. In this chest is gold treasure as well as candy. This way the children get to reach into a real pirate chest and retrieve their own treasure. The candy is in its own container and elevated to make it easier for children to reach (the chest is quite […]

Pirate’s Cove harborside ambient sound

I created a soundtrack to use at our Halloween Pirate’s Cove harborside setting. Listen to it here and if you like it, feel free to download for your own use. The collection of sounds are supposed to be a Pirate Ship at the loading dock. Additionally, there are some mumbling crowd noises to help sell the harborside setting of […]

Installing grapevine lighting on my Halloween pirate lookout tower

I added lights to my Halloween pirate lookout tower. I want to ensure the charactor in the tower is noticed by the trick-or-treaters. I have some Christmas lights with round grapevine balls covering the bulbs. I think these will look nice as they obscure the raw light bulbs a bit. Using zip ties, I carefully […]

Welding leg supports for my Halloween pirate lookout tower

I need a way to attach legs to the housing of my Halloween pirate lookout tower. Since I have a triangle shaped tower, I figure three legs would be appropriate. This also reinforces the image of the triangle shape. Three legs also solves the leveling problem when setting it up. All three legs will always rest […]