Our farm veggie subscription experiment (aka CSA)

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is basically a subscription to farm production. You get a bag of fresh farm groceries that is crazy super fresh. We tried a subscription with Greenbrier Farms in Pickens SC.

There is a bit of novelty with veggies directly from a farm. Food directly from a farm is a nice throwback to a time gone by.

The produce is hours old. I cannot prove the flavor is better than from the grocery store but my wife and I actually liked okra from Greenbrier so that says something right there. Kinda makes sense the flavor would be better.

How a CSA works with Greenbrier is every week on Tuesday we pick up a bag of veggies at the farm. There is also an option to pick up from a few other locations but the farm location worked well for us.

One of our goals with trying out a CSA was to increase our veggie intake and it worked. For the first few weeks we were used to our regular habits. Incorporating fresh veggies into our meal prep was a bit of an adjustment.

One delightful discovery was a simple veggie stew. We just chop and put a bunch of veggies into a pot. What a flavorful and easy meal.

Sometimes we received veggies that we were not sure what to do with. Not knowing the name made it difficult figuring out how to prepare them. Some of those unknowns unfortunately ended up going to waste.

If you are interested in supporting a local farm and getting the benefit of super crazy fresh veggies try looking up a CSA program in your area.

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