Grayson Highlands 3-day backpacking trip

Grayson Highlands is in the Southwest part of Virginia. Varied terrain makes for wonderful scenery and spectacular views. This park also has unpredictable weather so if you do a day hike keep this in mind.

I did a 3-day backpacking trip with friends. Our route was the backpackers overnight parking lot (36.633504,-81.505146) to Scales (Wise Gap) to Thomas Knob (Mt Rogers) and returning to the parking lot.

Part of this route is along the Appalachian Trail. We met some through hikers and they had stories to share.

One popular attraction in this state park is the wild feral ponies. These ponies are part of two grazing herds. They get rounded up every year for their shots. If the population gets too high they adopt out some ponies.

They used to round them up like a cattle drive but found out that does not work very well. So instead they use food bribes to motivate the ponies.

The ponies are at the beginning of this video I put together.  Enjoy.

[nggallery id=54]

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