Lighting the First Fire with my Father-In-Law

Lighting the First Fire with my Father-In-Law

After getting everything hooked up it was time to light the first fire. Now this stove was in my wife’s childhood home and was used to heat the home before they had central heat.

I knew this stove held a significant sentimental value for my wife and her family.

It was only fitting that the first fire be started by her father. It was time to breath life into this long dormant stove.

I was a bit concerned all the airflow would, well flow correctly. Ultimately my concerns were unfounded.

Everything worked just fine.

On New Years Day we had them over and cooked on the stove. The higher part is the hot burner and the lower part is the simmering burner.

We made a traditional Southern New Years Day meal.  Beans, cornbread and collard greens. It was fun to cook on the stove.

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