Component Assembly Below the Chimney Support Box

Component Assembly Below the Chimney Support Box

Inside there are several pieces that connect the stove to the chimney support box. One 90 degree corner and several lengths of straight pipe.

To get the right pipes, I measured from the opening of the stove to the ceiling. The helpful people at Craft Stove and Patio Store in Taylors, SC did the calculations for me. Basically, its ceiling height minus the distance the chimney support box drops from the ceiling.  The opening of my stove is about two-feet above the floor.

One of the straight vertical pipes is adjustable. This allowed me to dial in the exact length needed.

The interior pipes connect to the chimney support box using male-female tension fittings. It is really connected to the stove and held up against the chimney support box.

It is optional to add pan screws to hold the pipes together. Later on I decided to use three screws to keep two pipes in alignment. I realized I had to use three screws as a lesser quantity would allow the pipes to shift.

One thing that really surprised me is how the male-female fitting connect with the straight pipes. Instead of the female rising up into the male, its the other way around. I thought smoke would run out of the pipe connections if done this way.

The reality is the creosote that forms inside the chimney drips down inside the pipes. So the pipes need to handle this dripping and therefore the female fits down from above into the male. Like a reverse roof shingle – if that makes any sense.

Apparently these gaps do not allow upward flowing smoke to escape. Only when I mess up the airflow on an running fire have I been able to get smoke to come out the openings. It is really quite rare.

I think at some point the creosote may coat these cracks from the inside. Maybe this is just wishful thinking.

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