Halloween 2011 was a delightful success

We had over 200 trick-or-treaters Monday night; best guess is 220.

We gave out all the big candy bars and had to go into the “reserve” stash of fun size bars! Just a small portion of a ‘backup’ bag of smaller candy was left.

One little trick-or-treater, dressed as a pirate, pulled her sword and actually dueled Cap’n BradBeard for her chocolate treasure.

The Captain, in full ch-arr-acter, repeated ‘warned’ the little pillagers that pirates don’t share, but in this rare exception it was OK to take a chocolate bar “…as long as ye don’t touch me gold.”

One couldn’t resist that challenge and swiped a plastic gold coin from the chest, taunting Cap’n BradBeard as he scooted away saying “I got one; I got one!”

How fun!

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