Meetup Group Introduction Video Demo is a site where people of like interests arrange meetups… offline in the ‘real’ world. You know, the world with that big bright warm thing in the sky.

One of the challenges with some meetup groups is accurately introducing a group to a visitor who may be a potential new member. Will this group be a good fit?

Post a Group ‘Commercial’

Below is demo using a video to introduce a Meetup group to a new visitor. I think it makes the group a bit more personable.

This embedded video tells potential new attendees what the group is all about. Think of this as a commercial for the group.

The example below is for a hiking group. The video narration could go something like:

“This hiking group mostly does day hikes ranging from 3-12 miles. Some are easy, some harder, but we always describe the hike so you know if it is a good fit for your abilities.

If you are not sure if a particular hike is for you, consider trying one that is a bit easier to start. Also feel free to ask questions on the event description page…”

This narration plays over the video imagery showing a group of hikers walking, talking and having a good time. I suggest including a mix of video from several hikes so it does not seem so static.

Add some humor

If you want to get more detailed, you could show what some of the hike description terms mean. For example “This hike is exploratory” could be quite amusing. Imagine this humorous shot sequence:

  1. Show the group leader hiking at a rapid pace suddenly stopping ears perked up knowing something is near.
  2. A raised nose sniffs the air and then suddenly looking off to the side seeing the faint outline of a long forgotten trail.
  3. The eyes widen with excitement as a sly grin fills the face.
  4. The route suddenly changes as the leader charges down this path machete in hand ready to bushwhack anything that gets in the way.
  5. The rest of the group look at each other, shrug their shoulders in a ‘whatever’ manner and meekly follow the leader into the dense unforgiving jungle.

OK I admit that is a bit much but could be amusing to people who are a bit less adventurous from wandering off a well-worn path… like me.

If you run a Meetup and like this idea, I am sure there is someone in your group that could take charge of this project. When you get it posted, send me a link.


Click ‘play’ on the video in the image below.


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