Welding leg supports for my Halloween pirate lookout tower

I need a way to attach legs to the housing of my Halloween pirate lookout tower.

Since I have a triangle shaped tower, I figure three legs would be appropriate. This also reinforces the image of the triangle shape.

Three legs also solves the leveling problem when setting it up. All three legs will always rest on the ground.

I have some aluminum pipes that I will use for the legs. I plan to slide these pipes over three 6″ long leg support pieces welded at the bottom.

Odd position welding

I inverted the tower and placed the peak of the roof into a bucket. This holds the entire tower contraption in a stable enough manner to weld the legs suports.

I then used a welding clap attachment from my Rockwell Jawhorse to hold the piece in place. This setup was a bit jittery as the clamp is not directly connected to the tower frame so they move around a bit. So I had to be careful.

 Leg supports

The leg supports are 6″ long and there are three of them. One at each of the corners.

I guessed as to the angle for each of the leg supports. I figure I can reweld if needed in a different position or angle.

I used this Rockwell welding bracket to hold it in place. I do not know how I would have held this in place without it.

In putting this entire tower housing together, I had a bit of trouble with my arc welder. A friend with much welding experience recommended using a MIG welder instead. I figured there had to be a better way.

Some other steps:

  • Add the metal roof frame and roof edge supports.
  • Install grapevine style lighting.
  • Add a matchstick bamboo roof with a burlap underlayer.
  • Weld leg supports and fabricate the tower legs.

More on the Halloween lookout tower project.

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