Raising and attaching the Pirate Ship mast

My 55′ long Halloween pirate ship needs a tall mast. I only need one mast for my ship as trees obscure the rear of the ship.

The mast is a single long metal pole. I fashioned the sails to ensure they do not catch any wind. I don’t want to deal with the stresses a strong breeze can whip up.

The top of the mast has a pirate flag. Below that are two horizontal pieces that hold the two sails. The ends of these two horizontal pieces are supported by a steel cable that runs though a higher point on the mast.

Mounting bracket

This mast is attached to the face of my carport. I made a custom bracket that does two things:

  • Holds the mast securely and safely to the carport. In all cases, and especially Halloween with little goblins running amuck, safety is so important.
  • Holds the mast away from the shingles that overhang from the edge carport roof.

Securing the bracket

Having such a large and heavy decorative prop for Halloween must be done in a secure manner.

I use four bolts the hold the bracket to the carport. The bracket has two U-shaped brackets that secure the mast. The bolts all go through the frame of the carport behind the exterior plywood. Locking nuts secure it.

To get this contraption in place we first lightly tighten the bracket to the mast. Then after lifted into place, we can fine tune the position to get the four bolts to line up with the pre-drilled holes in the carport.

Installed mast

Here is the completed mast secured to the carport. The mast is all one complete pipe and yes it is so heavy to lift into position. Having my step-dad around to help is so very welcome.

Lunch time

We got a bit of a late start on the mast. After getting the mast setup it was time for lunch.

Sandwiches by Mom, the best! What a nice break.

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