Installing grapevine lighting on my Halloween pirate lookout tower

I added lights to my Halloween pirate lookout tower. I want to ensure the charactor in the tower is noticed by the trick-or-treaters.

I have some Christmas lights with round grapevine balls covering the bulbs. I think these will look nice as they obscure the raw light bulbs a bit.

Using zip ties, I carefully connected the light strand to the edge of the roof corners and roof outpost extensions.

I considered hiding the wire with burlap strips but then decided the exposed wire would add to the rickety look of the tower. Instead I look at it as a feature that adds to the overall impression of the prop.

After mounting the lights along the edge I had a few leftover lights. I mounted these three to random positions on the interior of the roof.

Flair at the corners

At each of the three corners I thought it would be nice to have the lights hang rather low. Sort of like a dangling lantern at the corners.

I only did this on the corners so the light would not hang in front of the character.

Lighting test

I turned out the lights in my workshop to see what the final result would look like.  All I can say is wow.

My wife added a red pirate bandana to the puppet before we set it up. Also gave him a spy glass telescope to help him with his look out duties.

Some other steps:

  • Add the metal roof frame and roof edge supports.
  • Install grapevine style lighting.
  • Add a matchstick bamboo roof with a burlap underlayer.
  • Weld leg supports and fabricate the tower legs.

More on the Halloween lookout tower project.

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  1. our christmas lights this 2010 would be made up from light emitting diodes which does not generates so much heat”-`

    • I thought about using LEDs but I have so many ‘standard’ Christmas light strands already on hand. Also, heat is not really a concern for this prop since it is so open and well vented. Good to keep in mind for a more closed in prop though. Thanks for the tip.