Setting up my Mega Catch Mosquito Trap

After doing the annual cleaning on my Mega Catch Premier (MCP-800) trap I was ready to set it back up for another season of killing.

The trap sits in the center of our yard under two large oak trees. The mosquitos seem to like this large shady area.

I have experimented with placing it in different locations with different degrees of success.

Basically you need to think like a mosquito and put the trap in your yard where you would like to hang out.

I find it helps to make buzzing noices while walking around the yard during this process. Flapping your arms is optional but does add to the realism.

It’s best to do this when the neighbors are not home.

Power cord routing

I run the power cord from my workshop to the trap. The power cord has a transformer that converts it to a lower wattage that runs to the trap.

The manufacturer is generous on the cord length. I think I get 15 feet of wire after it connect through the transformer and then 60′ of additioanl low voltage cord after that.

I connect the cord to an outdoor outlet. I modified the outlet to allow the outlet cover to close and the cord come out the bottom.

Since this is a replacement cord I used zip ties to secure the transformer to the outlet housing.

My beagle, Yodel, killed the original cord and transformer. I don’t know how she thinks it looked like a chew toy.

Cord vs Mower

I placed white duct-tape flags to the portion of the cord that runs though the grass. This helps me identify the location of the cord when mowing.

The cord has a disconnect in the middle. I usually forget to do this until after I start mowing.

Sometimes I mow next to the power cord and then make another pass flipping the cord from one side of the mower to the other.

I set up the trap and put in a fresh scented lure.

When mosquitos come into the trap a fan blows them down into a container. This container is either a net where they dehydrate or water and they drown.

Sweet mosquito juice

I use the water method since the manufacturer recommends this for high-humidity areas like where I am here in South Carolina. It mimics moist human breath better.

This container needs to be refilled about every week or so. To makes refills easier I use an old milk jug.

I fill the jug with water, a little bit of sweet drink and a few drops of soap.

The sweetness helps fool the mosquitos thinking its human breath. Don’t put too much sweetener or ants will be all over your trap.

The soap reduces the water tension. It helps ensure the mosquito cannot stand up on the water. They sink and drown.

After plugging it up the trap is running. There is a timer on the trap but I leave it running 24/7 from May through October. I bring it into the workshop over the winter.

Keep in mind these traps do not remove all mosquitos from your yard but they do reduce the population over time.

Mosquitoes love my wife. They seem to chase her everywhere.

Over the last two years since we got this trap she has noticed a reduction in mosquitos.

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