Birdfeeder Taste Test II – Sunflower seeds vs Cracked corn

I decided to try a second bird feeder taste test — just because its so exciting.

For this taste test I put the winner from my first bird feeder taste test up against cracked corn. Which one will my backyard wildlife prefer?

I filled the feeder using my plastic divider. This ensured the two food choices were in equal amounts.

By observing which food choice dwindles first tells me which food is consumed faster.

Birds and squirrels

I am not sure how much food is consumed by birds and how much by squirrels. However, I do think squirrels consume the majority though.

So I guess this is a bit more of a squirrel taste test with probably a smaller influence from birds.

I like squirrels and do not try to thwart their efforts at raiding my bird feeders. Watching their treetop antics is amusing.

An early lead

The black oil sunflower seeds seem to be the preferred food choice and for this second test ended up being the winner.

However, the final results are more lopsided than previously thought. Upon inspecting the feeder I noticed a lot of cracked corn was just tossed onto the ground.

This means more cracked corn was removed from the feeder than actually consumed. The results would have been even more skewed if the corn was left in the feeder.

I think about one-third to one-half of the cracked corn was tossed onto the ground. Not just a few scraps here and there but seemingly shoveled out of the feeder.

So two bird feeder taste tests have the same results: the wildlife in my yard strongly prefer black oil sunflower seeds.

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